About Us

History of the Trust

The Trust was originally founded before the Second World War as a consequence of personal and anonymous bequests from a wealthy American citizen who wished to make her home in the United Kingdom. She stated, and her subsequent actions made clear, that she wished to remain as an anonymous philanthropist even after her death. The original amount donated was increased by a large capital sum following the end of the war, and further dispositions added to the capital of the Trust over the following decades; including the sale of works of art, ceramics and other items. As the founder grew older she showed that she wished to dispossess herself of all personal wealth and to have the money used for the benefit of those in poverty and need in her chosen country of domicile, England.

Originally there were two trusts, namely The Mrs Smith Fund and The Mount Trust.  In 1992 the two were amalgamated and became The Mrs Smith & Mount Trust.  Whilst it is all now one Trust the Trustees still allocate a portion of their income to be distributed in accordance with the original aims of The Mrs Smith Fund.  This is achieved by making a number of block grants to charities working with individuals that meet the criteria of the Fund.  The balance of the unrestricted income fund, after expenses, is then distributed through the main funding programme known as The Mount Trust.

Current Trustees

Timothy Warren - Chair
Sean Shepley - Vice Chair
Gill Gorell Barnes
Hannah Brooks-Plunkett
Christine McKenzie
Serena Mullings