How to apply to The Mount Fund

The Mount Fund

Who can apply?

Registered charities whose beneficiaries are in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey and London.

Our priorities

The Fund currently has the following priority areas:


Further information

Mental Health

For registered charities with income of up to £1M and unrestricted free reserves of less than six months’ annual expenditure.Smaller charities with income of up to £500,000, particularly those working in rural communities, could be considered for larger grants of up to £20,000 paid over 2 or more years under this category.


For registered charities with income of up to £1M and unrestricted free reserves of less than six months’ annual expenditure.

Learning Disability

For registered charities with income of up to £1M and unrestricted free reserves of less than six months’ annual expenditure.

Health in the Community

(Charities working to improve health in the community. This could include groups working in areas such as young people leaving care, people recovering from domestic violence, food poverty, childhood obesity, specific health conditions and hospices.

This category is for smaller registered charities (with income of less than £500,000) for services provided primarily to rural communities.  Unrestricted free reserves must also be less than six months’ annual expenditure.The Trustees wish to provide fewer larger grants towards core funding under this category and are inviting applicants to provide details of what they most need funding for and, how this will ultimately benefit the health of people in their community.  Grants will be up to £20,000 to be paid in two annual instalments of up to £10,000 each.

What type of grants do we give?

  • Grants are given for projects; general running costs/core funding; salaries; advice services; furnishings/equipment; organisational development.
  • The Trustees do not normally consider building costs, only refurbishment or alterations necessary to bring a building up to standards to meet legislative requirements.


  • The Trustees will only consider appeals from national organisations at branch level where the branch is able to provide separate accounts and is responsible for its own finances.
  • The Trustees do not fund individuals.
  • The Trustees do not consider appeals for general counselling.
  • The Trustees do not consider applications from charities with an income of over £1M and/or free unrestricted reserves to the value of more than six months of the applicant organisations annual expenditure.

When to apply?

The Trustees meet three times per year in March, July and November and application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of a meeting or by the date specified.

The next meeting of the Trustees is due to take place on the
5th March 2019.

The Trustees are now accepting applications for this meeting.
It is anticipated that the meeting will close on the 25th January 2019.
However, it is sometimes necessary to close meetings before the final deadline.
Every effort will be made to give applicants notice, via this website, if this becomes necessary but, please be aware that the meeting may be closed without warning.

Applications submitted after the meeting has been closed will not be considered
and will not be retained for future meetings.

How to apply?

All applications must be submitted using the online application form.  This can only be accessed by successfully completing the eligibility quiz.

Please use the button below to access the eligibility quiz for the Trustees meeting due to take place in March 2019


Once the Eligibility Quiz has been completed, if your organisation is eligible to apply, you will be emailed a link to the online application form.

If you have any problems please contact the Trust Administrator 

What to include with your application?

A copy of your most recent signed accounts, a budget for the project for the current financial year and, if you are applying for a salary a job description. All these documents can be uploaded at the end of the online application form.  We do not accept draft accounts.

In addition to this, please provide a completed and signed BANK DETAILS FORM and confirmation of your charity’s bank account (e.g. a voided paying-in slip, cheque, or bank statement).  These should be posted to 6 Trull Farm Buildings, Tetbury, GL8 8SQ.  Failure to provide this information could delay payment of your grant if your application is successful.

Please do not send any other information as it will be discarded.

How much do we give?

In the financial year ending 31 January 2018 the Trustees of the Mrs Smith & Mount Trust authorised grants of £283,531 for 64 organisations under their priority areas.  This included a number of multi year grants.  A list of the grants authorised can be viewed here - The Mount Fund grants list for 2017-18.

Grant offers

Successful organisations will be sent a letter by email confirming the grant offer and any conditions. The grant acceptance letter must be signed by a senior staff member within your organisation, preferably your Director / Chief Executive or Assistant Director and returned to the Trust along with bank details for payment if not already provided.

Re-applying to the Mrs Smith & Mount Trust

Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply after two years.
Successful applicants will not be considered for a period of two years following receipt of a grant (or final payment of repeat funding).