The Trustees of The Mrs Smith & Mount Trust seek to achieve their aims by making grants to charities working in the fields they wish to target.

Grants are made in three main areas:

The Mount Fund

This is the main funding programme.  Applications under this heading are considered three times a year in March, July and November under the following priority areas:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Learning Disability
  3. Homelessness
  4. Health in the Community

See the How to Apply to the Mount Fund page for the specific criteria for each of these categories.

The Trustees meeting due to take place on the 22nd November 2019 is now closed.


The Mrs Smith Fund

The Mrs Smith Fund is distributed by way of block grants to registered charities working with individuals the Trustees aim to assist.  The grants are then distributed by the recipients in the form of small hardship grants to individuals in need in accordance with the criteria of the Mrs Smith Fund.

The Spanoghe Grants Programme

All funds from this Programme have now been allocated and no further invitations to apply will be sent out.